Alicia Tompkins

Operations Analyst


Metropolitan State University
BS, Business Management

Alicia is driven to leave things better than she found them. With attention to detail and the perseverance to leave no data unreconciled, Alicia makes sure DGI’s numbers add up and systems are synched.  

She started at DGI in 2019 after accruing operations experience at other investment firms. In addition to her daily responsibilities, Alicia concentrates on automating what can be automated and making processes run efficiently.  

Alicia followed a different route to business and accounting. Initially a hair stylist, she had dreams of opening her own salon and began taking business classes. When other students started asking her for help with accounting, Alicia discovered a new career path.  

Juggling marriage, two young sons and work while earning her bachelor’s degree made Alicia very good at delegating. A passionate gardener, Alicia spends hours in her yard tending to her perennials (especially peonies and roses), coaxing beauty into the world and clearing her head.  


Diciplined Growth Investors
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Phone: 612-317-4100