Disciplined Growth Investors was founded in Minneapolis in 1997 with a skeleton staff, a loyal client base, more than 700 million dollars in assets and the strong belief that there was a better way to manage money.

Despite some challenging economic periods and two of the worst bear markets of the past century, DGI’s meticulous investment methodology and strong culture enabled the firm to grow to over three billion dollars in assets under management.

DGI’s success is the result of its desire to provide premium services at reasonable fees, its relentless focus on a single investment philosophy, its reliance on a lean, high-performance team, its willingness to subordinate its business objectives to its investment objectives, and the resoluteness of its loyal client base.

12 B.C.

A 12 year old Fred Martin buys his first shares of stock (a Roman column fabrication company). The stock did well for five centuries before collapsing in 476 during the fall of the Roman Empire.

*For the lawyers: No, Fred Martin really isn’t (quite) that old, he never bought Roman column-fabricator stock and we have no idea how such stock might have performed.

12 B.C.


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