Project Bold

At Disciplined Growth Investors we have a close-knit team that is curious, passionate and a little eccentric. In their own ways, they each exemplify the qualities that make DGI unique. In order to recognize and encourage what our people were already doing, we created Project Bold.

DGI sponsors employees as they make bold moves in their own lives. To try something new. To stare down the unknown until it hands over its secrets. To ride no coat tails. To rest on no laurels.

These are their stories...

Prior to her Bold Initiative, Cindy had never traveled without her husband. Moreover, except for a short trip to Canada, Cindy had never traveled outside the United States. So, a nine-day trip to Costa Rica, alone, was a somewhat novel concept for her.

Although she was a little anxious, Cindy was able to pull a plan together. She managed every step: passports, booking, airports, taxis, hotels, meals and activities. From her doorstep in Minnesota to Costa Rica and back, she made it through every step on her own.

While in Costa Rica, Cindy biked trails, rafted the Reventazon River, visited a jaguar refuge, took a bird-watching tour, road a zip-line across a wooded ravine, and trudged through the Manzanillo nature area on a guided hike. “The sights and sounds in Costa Rica are absolutely amazing. My senses were overloaded the entire time I was there.”

Although Cindy speaks no Spanish, she was able to rely on the kindness of strangers. “I met a lot of people from around the world. There was a spirit of helpfulness that I didn’t realize was out there.”

Overall, the experience was very empowering. “Being by myself gave me a whole different perspective. It wasn’t something I would have done before, but now I realize it’s something I can do.”
For her Bold Initiative, Sheri hired a personal trainer to help her get back into shape. She quickly discovered that physical exertion was only one of several challenges she faced.

As a mother and a Director of Client Relationships, Sheri tends to put other’s needs before her own. At home she is devoted to raising her children and running her household. At work Sheri usually eats lunch at her desk so she’ll be there should a client call. It’s simply her nature. So, it felt unusual and a little strange the first time she left work early to meet her trainer. Sheri felt a little guilty at the time, but the fact that nothing fell apart in her absence was both enlightening and energizing.

The workouts, while grueling in their own right, added an additional challenge. Sheri has always liked to do things on her own and she was usually the one helping others. Now she was relying on someone else to help her get back in shape. Her trainer taught her that fitness is a journey and that being perfect isn’t the goal. She realized that high expectations are a great motivator. And that if we are going to continue to grow, we need others to challenge us from time to time.

Sheri has never liked doing things that she couldn’t do well. Before her Bold Initiative running a race would have been out of the question. As Sheri puts it, “I don’t like to run.” And competing in a “Mud Run” would have been inconceivable. But her increased strength and endurance, along with the realization that she didn’t need to be perfect in order to enjoy something, gave her the moxie to try. Sheri didn’t win the race, but she pushed herself outside her comfort zone and grew from the experience.

Since starting in the winter of 2012, Sheri has rarely missed a training session. And the “torture sessions” have had a profound effect on her physical conditioning. All the things she loves—skiing, gardening, keeping up with her kids—are easier now. Moreover, this experience has given her a new perspective on life. Taking time for yourself, trying new and difficult things, and having others push you are necessary for a person’s physical and mental growth.

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