Tawny Ziemke

Accounting and Settlement Analyst

Tawny Ziemke

Accounting and Settlement Analyst

Tawny joined DGI in 2001. She is involved in operations accounting under the CFO, and handles trade settlements and related back office duties.

Prior to DGI, she worked for 13 years in the accounting at Setter Leach and Lindstrom and 13 years in the corporate accounting at Supervalu Corp.

Her most recent project at DGI has been coordinating the development of a new “Revenue Center,” a billing system designed to streamline the firm’s billing and invoicing process. But her duties go well beyond the back office. “I just pitch in where people need me,” Tawny explains. “That’s the one thing about our company—you can’t categorize anyone strictly by their title. We all pitch in wherever we’re needed.”

“Tawny is a great co-worker,” says DGI Portfolio Manager Scott Link.

“She is very methodical and dependable day in and day out,” adds Sheri Lietzke, DGI Director of Client Relationships.

Text Books and Travel

Outside of work, Tawny stays busy taking business and accounting courses at Augsburg College. She hopes to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in 2015.

“Tawny is a shining example of someone who works very hard to improve herself as an individual and an employee,” says Rick Martin, DGI CFO. “She works nights and weekends on her undergraduate degree. She is extremely loyal to the firm.”

When she’s not studying, Tawny enjoys cooking, reading, volunteering and traveling. She takes an annual trip with friends to Las Vegas to relax, socialize and catch some shows. She has also taken trips recently to Maui and Moab.

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