It’s so fundamental, it’s radical. Disciplined Growth Investors is an investment company that doesn’t fit the style box, normative category we compete in. You might say that we are old school. That we focus too heavily on fundamentals. We find it a little ironic that focusing on fundamentals is considered radical by so many. But we don’t mind.

Our job is to make money for our clients and ourselves (yes, we eat our own cooking). We do it by tearing companies apart, identifying critical insights, and then selecting positions that we can hold for years, not months.

Investing this way requires us to own our decisions, the good and the bad. And it requires the tenacity to constantly scrutinize what we do and how we do it.

A Prism Of Stewardship

We treat our clients’ money like it’s our own. Which is good, because nobody hates parting with a penny more than us.

Humility Is Essential

How we handle success is as important as how we handle failure. When performance results are good, we strive to be quiet and humble. When results are not good, we strive to be assertive and clear.

Culture Is The Foundation

Our people are everything. Everyone’s work is critical and important. We have no secretaries. Everyone has an office and every office is the same size. Except the corner office, which we use as a storage closet.

Choosing Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Because there’s no perfection, we need the curiosity and intellectual honesty to continually reassess our efforts. If we focus on substance, everything else will take care of itself.

By the Numbers*

Firm Tenure

20.3 years

Employee Tenure

13.9 years

Client tenure

10.2 years

Holdings Tenure

10.8 years
*For more information on the calculation of these statistics for DGI, please  Click here.


Diciplined Growth Investors
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