Cindy Lee

Operations Team Leader


Moorhead State University
BS, Personnel Services

Cindy knows that DGI’s reputation depends on its ability to operate with integrity. She leads the charge, ensuring that the systems, processes and people are in place to maintain clients’ confidence via trustworthy data.  

Cindy started at DGI in 2000, having worked initially at another investment firm. In the early years she was a doer. However, Cindy’s expertise, quiet steadiness and willingness to share her knowledge propelled her into leadership.  

A trouble shooter, Cindy is stubborn about trying to solve problems herself — yet willing to admit that she doesn’t have all of the answers. When there’s something she doesn’t know, Cindy rolls up her sleeves and ultimately gets things running smoothly again.  

Cindy and her husband hail from large families. They aim to strengthen bonds with their three sons and a growing group of grandchildren, taking the crew to Twins games or on adventures in Panama. She brings her mom and grandma persona to work by serving as an anchor of reliability.  


Diciplined Growth Investors
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