Joe Neadeau

Research Analyst

North Dakota State University
BS, Economics

North Dakota State University
MS, Applied Economics

Joe is an intriguing mix of Minnesota farm kid and investment analyst. He grew up loving the outdoors, started working on a farm at 12, and put himself through college. Along the way he learned to assess risks, solve problems and take off-beat approaches to bring home the bacon (well, more like venison or walleye).   

Growing up without a lot fueled Joe’s desire to help others build wealth. At DGI since 2018, Joe enjoys the freedom to steep himself in as much arcana as he pleases. But it’s not idle inquisitiveness. He’s gunning for that unique approach or pioneering technology that will become a lucrative investment.

With Joe, you might get either the scrappy, cattle-raising farm kid or a straight-laced business professional. But these are two sides of the same coin. The result is the same: the tenacity to find the best solution, or the best investment. 


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