Lauren Voigtlander

Senior Accounting and Finance Analyst

Lauren is one of those highly balanced people — a winning combination of left and right brain, arty and analytical, an outgoing jokester who has the introvert’s need to recharge. She brings this mix of traits to everything she does, whether it’s discovering ways to make financial processes more efficient or staying up late to bake a friend’s favorite treat.  

 Lauren grew up in the Twin Cities but spent her college years and early career in Oklahoma, developing the Southern habit of striking up conversations with strangers. Missing Minnesota’s four seasons, Lauren secured the chance to do her quantitative analytics job remotely in 2019 (before that was a thing).  

Working in the investment industry was alluring, and Lauren now channels her drive to all things finance and accounting. She draws energy from challenging herself — from learning SQL coding or hiking a tough trail to writing a new song. These experiences are enhanced when one of Lauren’s three siblings or lifelong friends join her side, chuckling at her latest antics. 


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