Nick Iselin

Director of Institutional Relationships

St. Louis University
BS, Business Administration

University of Denver
MS, Finance

Series 7, 63

There are people everyone loves working with, like Nick. And then there are the co-workers many prefer to avoid. Wherever Nick works, he actually seeks out the latter. He makes it his mission to connect with these diamonds in the rough, sussing out their talents and helping them contribute to the team.

As the middle of three boys, Nick is a natural born diplomat who thrives when he can dig deep on thorny problems. He uses his entrepreneurial instinct to break the mold and rebuild with a fresh approach and smarter strategy. In his newly created role at DGI, Nick is itching to unleash his creativity while serving institutional clients.  

Nick has the confidence to try anything, even if it’s outside of his wheelhouse, deftly concealing daring behind an affable personality. He and his wife are fully immersed in family life, with three young children and a large extended family. It isn’t all for naught. Thanks to his son, Nick has an encyclopedic knowledge of the differences between cement pumpers, cement mixers and other obscure trucks—an education he didn’t know he needed but is certainly glad to have.


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